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What can I do with my commission?

Banggood affiliate points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

CashDiscount CouponsBanggood ProductsRedeem Discounts At the Checkout
100 Affiliate Points = $1 (USD). Cash will be paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer. You can exchange Affiliate Points for cash using the Withdraw tab in the Affiliate Tools menu.Affiliate Points can be exchanged for discount coupons for Banggood products. Points can be exchanged for coupons in My Points menu.Affiliate Points can be withdrawn to BGpay and being used for product purchasing.1.Sign in to your account
2.Go to your shopping cart
3.Check you have "available points"
4.Enter Exchange  Points Amount
5.Click "Redeem"
Visit our new user guide for a full tutorial on Redeeming Points At The Checkout.

The affiliate points you earned will be locked for 45 days after the order has been shipped. This is a preventive measure for any problems or refunds which may be necessary. After this period of time has passed, you will be able to exchange your affiliate points for the reward you prefer. 

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