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  • November-27 2020 15:22:37

    The order arrived on time. The product came exactly as ordered. Good quality. Comes with a 1 meter cable. Detection on the Mi Home App can fail the first few attempts, but then it detects. The temperature and humidity synchronization time of the sensor can be fast or sometimes take a little longer. Works with Xiaomi Multimode ZigBee 3.0 WIFI Bluetooth Mesh HomeKit Smart Home Gateway.

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  • August-27 2020 03:40:25

    The set is worth the money, the applications are unlimited, the autonomy is great (6 months and I have not changed the battery). If you find it on offer, the value of the set grows !!!! Το σετ αξίζει τα χρήματα τά του, οι εφαρμογές απεριόριστες, η αυτονομία μεγάλη (6 μήνες και δεν έχω αλλάξει μπαταρία). Αν το βρείτε σε προσφορά η αξία του σετ μεγαλώνει!!!!

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  • November-16 2020 11:19:15

    it is working good 3 days now ...i have allready open and check 3 of 6 ...the precision seems that is right ...i have an other thermometer and they dont have more than 0.3 difference in Celcius after five minutes in close positions...it arrived the next week (10days to Greece very Fast from CN i was surprised)!!!

  • September-04 2020 21:04:13

    Diese kleinen Sensoren sind einfach genial. Habe schon 4 im. Einsatz und noch 3 nachbestellt. Das Verbinden klappt absolut problemlos und durch das Bluetooth Mesh ist die Reichweite auch genial. Die Messwerte sind absolut präzise. Um sie optimal nutzen zu können sollte mann zumindest 1 Gerät mit Bluetooth Gateway haben. Wie eine Bedside Lamp oder im Optimalfall den den neuen Smart Gateway (der kann einfach unheimlich viel. Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee 2.0, Zigbee 3.0 und Wlan). So kann mann dann die

  • August-12 2020 21:04:14

    Die kompakten Thermometer können überall, mit Hilfe des mitgelieferten Klebepads, angebracht werden. Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit werden zuverlässig und genau angezeigt. Sie können in der Xiaomi Home App verwaltet und abgerufen werden. Voraussetzung ist einer der Xiaomi Bluetooth Hubs. Wie z.B. der neuste Gateway oder die Bedside Lamp. Natürlich kann mann sie auch einfach so nutzen, aber dann natürlich nicht komfortabel aus der Ferne ablesen.

  • January-11 2020 10:30:42

    Bueno bonito y barato. Enseguida de quitarles el protector de plastico de las pilas, se han puesto en marcha y tras algun minuto mostraban la temperatura con bastante exactitud. Lo malo es que la informacion biene en chino, y yo por lo menos no lo entiendo. Existe una APP llamada MijiaTemp donde se puede ver la temperatura instantanea como su evolucion. En las imagenes se pueden ver pantallazos del APP, la informacion que viene en la caja junto al codigo QR que, en mi caso, no carga nada.

  • October-23 2020 14:27:53

    The set is worth the money he asks for. Too many applications in a smart home. Long battery life (8 months without change). The small size makes them fit everywhere but also a little illegible. Το σετ αξίζει τα χρήματα που ζητά. Πάρα πολλές οι εφαρμογές σε ένα έξυπνο σπίτι. Η διάρκεια των μπαταριών μεγάλη ( 8 μήνες χωρίς αλλαγή). Το μικρό μέγεθος τα κάνει να χωράνε

  • August-24 2020 17:33:45

    PT: Produto muito bom, cumpre com o que lhe é exigido. Podem sempre programar (através da MiHome) se a temperatura exceder um certo limite para activar, por exemplo a ventoinha, assim como, controlar os valores de temperatura e humidade onde quer que estejam. Recomendo vivamente. EN: Very good product, complies with what is required. They can always program (via MiHome) if the temperature exceeds a certain limit to activate, for example the fan, as well as control the temperature and humidity

  • July-30 2020 12:58:20

    I already had one and it's so good that I bought the three pack. They're great and accurate!!! The bluetooth range isn't great especially if you don't have a hub (you have to wait for it to connect each time to your phone and sometimes fails if there is a wall between) but I don't use it with bluetooth that much. Have in mind that they are a bit small in size so if you're short-sighted you need to go close to see what the readings are.

  • April-22 2020 14:43:48

    I like these! I paid 14,22 for 3 wich is a good price. The have a good connection around my house (bluetooth works well) there really small and the battery is still at 99%. I use the non official app for these wich is ok but needs location (wich i think is bs) to work. It also only records when I have the app running. Haven't tested official Miijia app with it. Wanted to know the humidty and because of a sunny and dry period in my region you can see it dropping. Would recommend!


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