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  • March-24 2021 00:00:00

    This is called true value for money. Awesome reception. Really good display. Really compact. You can attach it with a stand on your FSi6 transmitter or any other transmitter. Best beginner FPV monitor. It has been 8 days since I have flown FPV, I am getting better day by day. Thank you Banggood. Before going for FPV goggles I would recommend new pilots to first start practicing in this monitor. I was able to manage even in a sunny day where I was expecting the display to be invisible. I am surprised that such a low price monitor could pack soo much !!!!!

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  • September-01 2020 00:00:00

    exactly as stated in the post, works extremely well and has built in battery. shipping was slow but was well worth the money, all other products are more expensive than this yet this does the same thing. It does feel cheap and doesn't have built in DVR but it was only 31 bucks and it works like a charm. very impressed!

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  • August-16 2020 00:00:00

    安い軽いちゃんと映る(^-^) 受信感度のテストはしてませんが 目視飛行の補助にしか考えてませんので ちゃんと映れば問題ないと考えています(^-^) 眼鏡に付けるタイプも持ってますが バッテリーが小さくランタイムが短いため 使い勝手が少々劣ります バッテリーのスペアがあれば 要老眼鏡の私には使い勝手がいいのですが 現時点ではこちらが使い勝手は勝ります 外見はすこぶるチープです 3,40年前のプラモデルを思い出させる精度の悪さです スイッチ類は配置が悪く 左側面に電源 右下背面にサーチボタンです 映りはしっかりしておりカメラの違いも分かります 受信チャンネルは48chでバッテリーも付いてきます 充電ポートはバレルタイプでめっちゃ細いタイプで専用充電器が付いてきます(USBタイプ) アンテナは中心コンダクターのないメスになります 色々書きましたが この金額です お薦めできるコストパフォーマンスです(^-^)

  • February-20 2021 00:00:00

    Довольно таки интересный монитор. Но он относительно небольшого размера. Учитывайте это. Сцеиально для масштаба сделал фото с линейкой. Пока не пришла камера, не с чем его проверить.

  • March-13 2021 00:00:00

    Bild Qualität reicht. endlich kann ich mein OSD einstellen ohne die Brille aufsetzen zu müssen. Automatische Kanalsuche ist auch praktisch! Akku hält nicht sehr lange. aber reicht. kann man zur Not an der Powerbank anschließen.

  • October-17 2020 00:00:00

    got it in the mail today. it works very well. i use it with my small indoor drone. it works very well. very clear and crisp screen. easy to use. most of all very good sun screen. i am happy about it.

  • April-09 2021 00:00:00

    The quality of this is way better than the price would suggest. Reception and picture quality are both good. I fitted a bulldog clip so I can clip it to the handle of my rc transmitter. Makes a good little display for my planes with cameras fitted !! Also useful for working on fpv models on the bench, much easier than peering into goggles.

  • December-10 2020 00:00:00

    produit satisfaisante pour le prix j’ai branché un dvr vu q’il n’enregistre pas. 5 petites soudures

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  • March-17 2021 00:00:00

    Nice product for the price! Came with 600mAh battery. Working time not even close to declared 2h - more like 30-45min. Added a microUSB battery charging board with battery protection, as it should have had USB charging from the start. Not a useless specific tiny barrel connector with dedicated usb wire.

  • September-23 2020 00:00:00

    not tested properly, but connected up my quad and found the correct channel using the channel button. picture is very clear. I walked around my house to see if there was much break up and overall, for the price, not bad at all. Now friends/family can see me fly from my point of view, likewise I can watch my friends fly.


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