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  • April-27 2018 20:20:44

    Muito sensível, extremamente pequeno, fácil de bind, flysky PPM. PRÓS: minusculo, muito sensível (cheguei a a 105 m usando um iRX-IR8M), muito bem acabado, acompanha termocontrátil para proteção CONTRAS: antena fixa, podeira ser um pouco maior elevando a sensibilidade, só tem padrão PPM Recomendo muito

  • November-01 2016 10:30:13

    I am using it with FlySky FS-T6 and Eachine Tiny 32bits F3 Brushed Flight Control Board. There was no problem to pair. Я використовую цей приймач з пультом керування FlySky FS-T6 та контролером Eachine Tiny 32bits F3 . Мені вдалося “спарувати“ їх без жодних порблем.

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  • LeoVIP3
    January-22 2019 09:17:44

    Bem pequeno e leve e o alcance e muito bom, recomendo para voo indor. Único problema que tive e que na hora de bindar o rádio nao completo o bind, o receptor para de piscar o led mas o rádio nao confirma o bind. O ppm e bem estável.

  • June-12 2017 06:30:46

    Smaller and lighter than A8s good quality, perfect for micro indoor drones will changing from A8s to this tiny reciver, few pictures comparing it to A8S U get reciver, cables , heat shrink cover and double side tape, Good quality product

  • September-07 2017 03:02:31

    This one is small, weight less 1g. It is AFHDS PPM receiver. It does not have binding button, but if can be bind by the cable connected to the binding pad. Binds with FS-i6X in AFHDS mode with no problem. The only misleading thing is the flashing blue diode in normal connected state. On other receivers flashing diode usually means some abnormal condition, stable connection is signalled by a constant light. To make it more confusing the receiver in binding mode is also flashing fast this diode, succesfull

  • SamVIP1
    May-18 2017 14:44:47

    range is good, I bought a Flysky i10 just for my 80 to 110mm builds because of the ultra micro RX that can be had for them on the Flysky protocol. My wife flies a Spektrum DX18QQ as her main radio and I fly a Graupner MZ24 pro and a MC32 radio I love the Graupner Hott radios but they are not making ultra tiny RX's that are needed for tiny quads. This RX has plenty of range for your little brushed Micro quads and I have tested them to 300 meters with no issues and no dropouts BUT this RX has NO FAILSAFE

  • December-03 2016 03:26:12

    Had it connected to the Eachine 32bits F3 Brudhed Flight Control Board, checked PPM signal in Betafilght, successfully paired with my Turnigy 9X running Er9x firmware. Only drawbak is that it doesn't have Failsafe, but for a micro quadcopter I guess you don't really need it if you are just flying indoors.

  • June-16 2017 17:22:26

    Extremamente pequeno, leve (0.5g), 2.4 com 6 canais FlySky, compatível com FS-I6, TH9X GT2B, GT3, GT3B, GT3C, etc.Recomendo MUITO

  • April-21 2017 06:48:53

    I like this tiny RX, just right for my 150mm Cleanflight copter. I was afraid if I can pair it with my TGY i6, but everything gone smoothly. But remember, if you want use it with CC3D+CF/BF - you MUST use port 8 (not 3) for PPM input. I spent 20 minutes trying, and finally uncle google help me with that.

  • January-27 2017 23:45:26

    Really small receiver, but short range and no failsafe mode makes it good for indoor models only. // Действительно, очень маленький приемник, но из-за малой дальностьи приема и отстутствия failsafe годится только для комнатных моделей.


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