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spletko Separate earth should be done for security purposes only. Not for welding machine functionality. There could be breakthrough voltage to the metal housing of welding machine. Life treating situation. If housings are earthed, house fuse take care of your security in such cases. If you ask for mains cable then mains cables that supply 1000W - 2000W devices will suffice. Welding cables should be in first line out of copper (not cheap Alu cable) and reasonable thick.. Earth cable wire should be connected somewhere to metal housing (to some housing screw).

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spletko Buy till 2mm thick rutile electrode. Such one electrode can work seemingly even without intermittence.

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spletko 2020-06-03 05:36:24
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Q: Can we have the manual in English or French?

zeptal se Talie226 na 2020-05-27 03:53:38

spletko There are links to manual on web. Use web search engine.

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