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  • 2020-08-12 10:13:42

    395 מספיק טוב לבדוק שטרות

  • 2020-07-26 03:27:06

    I'm happy with this flashlight it is of highest quality.

  • Simba_5
    2020-01-17 18:04:24


  • 2019-12-06 00:07:31

    Good and solid build quality. Works well. All Good. Small size.

  • 2018-08-18 03:59:25

    Whenever you're looking for a torch, UV-ED, ... you need to go to the 365nm. When visible light is filtered you hardly can make out the visible light. The fluorescent effect is much stronger than with 390 - 400nm LEDs. Some minerals and fluorescent colors need to have the shorter wafelength to show this effect at all. Thre really nice feature is the step up converter in this particular flashlight. It runs from one singe AA battery.

  • ozzyabe
    2018-08-14 01:31:24

    When you want to check out how clean your hotel bed/bathroom is, this is the tool for you. Get ready to be shocked at the amount of detritus exposed by this nifty flashlight. Note - it is the 365nm one that does the trick. I have only been able to make it turn fully on and off - no strobe or half power mode found - but that is no issue for me.

  • 2018-06-14 00:48:54

    The output power of the LED even after the UV filter is quite impressive. It is of the short wavelength UV type which activates much more fluorescent items than the regular UV lamps (black lights) .... Sometimes it reveals things you don't even want to know ;o) ...

  • Vince
    2019-08-08 21:33:36

    Excellent product (I chose 365nm - what would be the main uses for 395nm please ?) Also I use 18650 batteries for many devices - would be handy to use rechargeable Li-ion batteries - your instruction guide mentions Li-ion (!!) Kind regards. Vincent

  • Misha
    2019-08-16 09:46:30

    Thank. I am pleased with the quality of the products and the speed of delivery.

  • 2019-02-16 02:00:41

    Amazing power output and no violet color pollution.


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