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Siddhesh 2019-06-05 11:34:49
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sajithsaam Please don't buy this crap.. after one week my thor4pro was dead and it's not change at all. I send it back to banggood but chinese customs put that on hold and finally after 6 months with so much of emails they send it back to me.. very poor customer support by banggood you will get email replays saying that "thank you for your valuable feedback and kindly wait".. If you really insist to buy this then please put that money in some church/temple/mosque

2019-12-17 04:53:05 Nyttig (0)
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Siddhesh80 wtf they are giving me 1000 inr in refund n i dont want refund i need repair or replacement

2019-06-29 02:27:00 Nyttig (0)
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Q: This watch got any warranty? And services?

spurgt af hjl1996 på 2019-02-05 03:25:47

Siddhesh80 not half year, on zeblaze portal they have clearly mentioned of 1 yr warranty

2019-06-29 02:23:57 Nyttig (0)
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