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Chordmerchant I second that. This color combo is awesome and should be available for many other motor sizes.

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Q: supports 48khz pwm?

spurgt af Dueppel på 2018-05-29 08:34:49

Greg yes to 48khz pwn without any hiccups. DShot1200 ready. Yes do not get a 4pcs pack go for single ones this way it is slightly cheaper

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Bachelore87 I Think it's not possible to do with These 70 mm EDF's because i had one of these. i have to use a 70 Amps ESC to have enough Level and it won't be getting to warm at 3 s. better jusing to Brushless Motors size 28 mm. around 2000-2500 KV on 3 or 4 s. and Props 8×6 or bigger an it will be working fine. greetings Timo

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Q: what rpm can it handle without deflection or exploding?

spurgt af Dueppel på 2019-06-07 03:00:46

Abhilekh Aero Don't exceed beyond 15000 rpm

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Q: Can you recommend this for 8inch tri blade prop?

spurgt af ploggs på 2019-07-23 05:11:13

Dueppel depent on your prop it would also be just fine with 6s

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Dueppel rhe spinning direction does not depent on the motor. cw and ccw just says that the threat and nut turns against or with the clock. you dont need CCW motors

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Dueppel funny. i had the same issue but without odd noises. that thong just caught fire

solomon sigwenese 2019-09-11 03:29:03
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