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    • Με banglm 2018-02-08 11:16:37 The unit fits a 36V5A switched PSU (Product ID: 1161864), and a 50V5A controller (Product ID: 1062473) neatly. Efficient unit, at 12V 1A it is 73%, and at 3A it goes up to 82%. The PSU slides in the bottom half of the housing. To be able to use thick wires, I removed the DC connector and soldered the wires to the PSU print directly. I used one of the (intended) DC inputs for an earth pin , and the other one to accommodate the AC input (extra protected with crimp sleeve and Ty wrap). Finally, I put
    • Με GGregg 2017-12-22 23:00:58 Nice compact enclosure. I used crimp ring terminals instead of soldering the large wires to the fan board and I used crimp spade terminals on the switch to make it easier to replace the switch if it is ever necessary. I also used extra flat and star lock washers on the binding post connections.
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