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Adrian202BG 2019-07-08 13:39:45
So for first it's not 4k !! It's just a marketing, camera is 720P or 2K and 4K is for photo. As far as I understand it will need good fast phone because on My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro preview of camera have about 1 second latency :D I did fly with it once because second battery is still charging (this also did not charge fully) but drone did fly long, It's stable and when You let go sticks drone back up a little and start to hold position (wiggle slowly around spot but hold position) Follow did not worked for Me well, when I select My self He fly to me about 20cm from My head and stop next to My face :D When I move video on phone started to lag and drone lost Me :( Drone fly nice and it's not hard to control. Phone slot is darn flat so My phone keep popping out on bottom part. There is no card slot so I have no idea how He record when phone is not connected, when app is on and You select record there it will record on phone memory. For this price is not bad but I think that application will work better on IOS
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