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  • December-13 2019 14:31:45

    Really thin coper coated wires. Correctly clamped. Test : Resistance average : 0.5 Ohm Conductivity : delta 0.9 Max amperage supported 2A Breakdown amperage 5s at 4A Voltage leakage : not tested yet. Supposed section : Max 1mm² aluminium, coper coated. Use recommanded : Low load (1A maximum) Communication electronic Probes and sensors testing Not a bad product, quickly delivered.

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  • GeoVIP4
    August-26 2020 12:17:58

    nice product

  • July-12 2020 07:08:00

    Good quality, thank you

  • February-08 2020 15:49:40


  • December-02 2019 03:39:08

    всё хорошо

  • May-26 2016 14:24:10

    After a brief inspection i can say the overall quality is good, the wires seem strong enough, the protections that cover the clips are staying in place and can cover the entire aligator clip, with enough room for a good opening. The aligator clip itself seems strong, with a good spring and a sturdy construction. The jaws close adequate against each other. Only one concern is about the electrical contacts, as the wire ends have no special preparation, the metal wire being just bent over the insulation

  • July-03 2017 15:44:42

    !0 cabos de 5 cores diferentes de ótimas garras jacaré (ou crocodilo, como queira). 50cm de cabo em silicone, garras de tamanho ideal e com boa pega. Recomendo muito, e a marca NIU eu não conhecia mas gostei

  • June-15 2017 09:07:44

    They have a low cost. Their use is wide, probes, bridges ... The quality is good, tested as bridge at 220v 1A, all ok. If used as probes the cord has a resistance of 0.8 Ohm (see photo) but the alligators are very good and it is easy to replace the cable if needed.

  • July-24 2017 16:21:00

    the 50cm length is good (almost too long for any of my projects). For some of the cables, I plan on cutting them in half, tinning one end to be used on a breadboard. The 10 cables were loosely knotted to get them in order. I was pleased that there were equal number of each color. From a different vendor I received a bunch of yellows and greens but only 1 or 2 for the red and black.

  • March-01 2017 15:54:55

    Good test leads for testing diy projects and trouble shooting electronics. Easy to use. They have a resistens of about 0.8-1.0 ohms each. Not sutiable for power electronics that requre a high current. i tested a motor with 2 amps and the testleads became quite hot!


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