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RobFowler Anyways, I flashed this with openwrt using the pppoe CVE and the upgraded it to the development branch of openwrt. This probably the best value for money router with openwrt ever. Quad 800Mhz CPUs, heaps of sram. Event he 5Ghz gets better range than anything I have seen.I'd give it 5 stars.

RobFowler 2020-11-11 21:17:16
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RobFowler Sure does. More importantly they disconnect when you put them back into the box.

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Q: Can you bind this module to the R9m reciever?

demandé par CrazyZergyFPV sur 2020-08-26 09:39:25

RobFowler No. R9M is a 900Mhz system. This is 2.4GHz. The module is the same size and looks the same but it does not work with R9M. How I know: I have an R9M lite and this one as I have both systems.

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Q: will this work with FS-T6?

demandé par lukecleland sur 2020-08-12 04:55:11

RobFowler It is Flysky AFHDS 2.4Ghz so it works with the FS-T6.

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RobFowler Ignore the last answer, although true of this module it is not what this means. It means you can't connect both the input negative and output negative lines to the same ground as the output current detection shunt resistor is on the ground side of the output. If the input and output negative are connected together this shunt will be bypassed and will have no voltage across it, removing the ability to detect and limit the output current.

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RobFowler The blade does not lock open. There is some friction from the spring but is not held open with much force. The knife is very small. It is pretty much hidden between keys on a keyring.

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