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RcCharly Same here as other 3 replies. I had a problem once with one of my first orders with the local post service, and got nervous, Banggood was always nice and quite quick in response time, solved the issue too. Asking photos or videos is acceptable in my opinion, and obviously there’s all kinds of qualities and quality controls on the huge Chinese markets. But I’ve been vip5 customer for years now and never regret it, I wish they sold more types of products, would probably be my long term first provider. So after sales does exist and hopefully they will increase their foreign warehouse capacity ;)

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PaulyB Whilst Banggood appears to be very good value, the rule of thumb applies if a deal appears to good to be true it probably is. In China there is no copyright laws as such, anything can be cloned. Often they don't work very well. Always remember to look how much you can get things for at home. I can find many items cheaper on eBay. Shop wisely and you can't go far wrong.

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Q: Does it has acro mode ?

demandé par Sousben sur 2018-01-01 10:52:56

PurryFPV Yes, you need to configure in Betaflight

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LeROYtheLAMA "Would you accept 16000 points for..." lmao. I have the same problem! I got VIP5 in 4-5 moths, so when it came to using/testing items I needed 1. Shipping label(which is just dumb, I will never save and-or organize 100s of opened plastic bags, 2. Pics (fair enough, proof of complaint), 3.SKU(labels often loose in package, and not listed on web page.. same as Ship.label -DUMB) and 4. Video! VIDEO OF 100+ ITEMS I have had issues with.. I do NOT have time for that! Why doesnt Banggood give all info and even stop lying about products that they KNOW are faulty/bad Oh and when I have finally been offered full refund, it has NEVER come without me sending a mail asking about it. SCAM-SITE STAY AWAY!

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Damian I buy from Banggood and I am very happy with the price and the shipping is way faster than eBay so I would recommend buying from Banggood. try the white DM002 5.8 GHz quadcopters they are good fun for cheep.

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Kevin they exist, I've been buying from them for a while, shipping is a pain and usually takes 20 days or so, but they are cheap and will send new items if something is wrong. But they do remove bad reviews or make them hard to post, which isn't good

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