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  • July-17 2020 18:32:25

    Mi queja se centra en el cableado, calidad mala y lo que no entiendo es porqué los hacen tan cortos que no llegan correctamente al pad de soldadura de la placa, es un fallo imperdonable y que crea un problema innecesario al comprador y la imagen de la marca.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • September-13 2020 17:52:03

    Work great! Lots of power and they do not get very hot. Be very careful how long your screw is as the bottom wires are very close to the mounting plate and, can be damaged if you are not careful.

  • October-17 2020 08:21:46

    Bons moteurs. Pas encore utilisés. Je dois remplacer moteurs grillés par une chute du drone sur du béton.

  • October-16 2020 08:36:16

    These are great for the price. I had to replace one after a crash caused it to be slightly unbalanced. But a decent motor overall.

  • September-28 2020 23:49:59

    at this price, I mean, you can't really beat it. plastic instead of silicone wires are the only down side I've found

  • May-18 2020 15:28:28

    Parts look OK.

  • January-19 2021 13:34:15

    ок !!

  • December-24 2020 18:56:55

    Look good.

  • December-11 2020 17:22:31


  • December-03 2020 00:12:58

    Yes, as per shown


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