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  • July-07 2020 21:17:01

    SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problémov. Ešte nemám skúsenosť s podobnými produktami. Samotný produkt má pekný dizajn, peknú farbu. Spracovanie je veľmi dobré a páči sa mi dióda na použitie v nočných hodinách. Uvidíme ako bude fungovať... Ďakujem Banggood. ENG - The product arrived in order and without problems. I have no experience with similar products yet. The product itself has a nice design, nice color. The workmanship is very good and I like the diode for use

  • June-18 2020 11:49:51

    Very cool. A litte bit smal in my opinion but it will be effective anyway. It seems very robust. Plastic as well are thick enough. Good grip. It has a little torch to make some light in the darkness and so hunting those little bit**es without waking up the others at home. It makes good spark sound when hit so your sadistic satisfaction will be pleased. Bought at around 12 dollars. In my opinion this is its right price.

  • September-06 2020 14:48:51

    Its good and works. But be careful this is smaller than others.

  • August-03 2020 03:18:15

    Ottimo prodotto più piccola di quelle in vendita economiche ma almeno è quasi sempre carica

  • November-24 2020 10:54:28

    fa il suo dovere ma è un po'piccola. meglio la versione più grande

  • October-26 2020 13:51:36


  • October-23 2020 11:05:38

    Muy manejable y buen funcionamiento.

  • October-15 2020 01:26:24

    It is a very nice quality product

  • September-07 2020 05:39:01

    Very good quality, compact size, safe operation.

  • September-03 2020 10:52:33

    Works as expected!


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