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  • rupert
    2017-06-22 10:28:41

    Well made mini C8. Ideal host for the blf a6 driver which I consider to be the best The heavy head and finning makes for a good heatsink. The usual Astrolux build quality. One of the best in it's size, me thinks.

  • hankr
    2016-08-05 11:10:24

    You sent a host with no switch. I paid you an extra $5 to send me a switch. Instead you sent a second host also missing a switch. Now I need 2 switches. I posted pictures in one of the threads about this host. Others have had the same problem, missing switches. I wrote you and this was the reply I got today: --------quote------ Thanks for your order. We are so sorry to hear that there is somthing wrong with the item Astrolux S2 18650 Flashlight Shell Host For DIY. So we are wondering if

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  • JanuszK
    2016-06-08 10:56:17

    Incomplete host. It lacks switch, led insulation gasket, spring. Good it contains a reflector... You cannot find suitable pcb with switch in banggood.com

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