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  • January-08 2020 02:12:41

    Yüzüme biraz büyük geldi fakat hiç rahatsız etmiyor. Kaliteli çerçevesi var, camları ise çok iyi koruyor. Kendini iyi hissetmesini sağlar. Teşekkürler. 👍🏼

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • May-27 2020 08:48:15

    top quality best even this glasses you can buy from shop on 100Euro but that blue light glasses I bought from bangout very cheap price and quality is best than another company ,so pls don't wastmoney on another fast online order and easy can receive at home without any extra charges,very comfortable glasses

  • June-01 2020 23:07:17

    Cheap and worth it. Deliver took about 2 weeks which is fine amidst these times. Tracking order on platform seems slow but nothing to do with seller. Would have been superb if it came in a proper casing and wiping cloth. Packaging was fine and no dents whatsoever on the glasses. Good buy.

  • August-14 2020 16:08:36

    Fiz a compra no dia 24 de julho e foi entregue em 14 de agosto, sendo que no dia 13 de agosto os Correios tentaram fazer a entrega porém eu não estava no local, ou seja foram 20 dias corridos para centro de São Paulo - Brasil. Um bom material, aparenta ser frágil mas é mais resistente do que parece ser. Não amassado ou arranhado embora acredito que embalagem protetora poderia ser mais reforçada.

  • April-12 2020 16:42:29

    Best quality for this price, Thank you

  • December-03 2019 05:53:48

    Great frame quality and glass's color is special, thanks for this product 🙏🏼

  • May-19 2020 10:45:59

    Ik bestelde de grijze kleur maar ontving een bruin achtste maar dit vind ik wel mooi. De bril is een beetje groter dan op de foto’s. Eindoordeel is wel tevreden, aangeraden.

  • July-08 2020 07:54:45


    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • December-15 2019 01:53:05

    güzel ürün filtreli

  • August-20 2020 06:23:01

    خفيفه وصحيح فيها فلترة للاشعاعات بس ما جاء معها صندوق وقطعة تنظيف


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