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  • November-14 2020 12:04:06

    il prodotto è molto valido, sicuramente migliore come aderenza rispetto al suo predecessore G2. I materiali sono ottimi. Purtroppo essendo la vocina in cinese bisogna provare per trovare le modalità.

  • November-06 2020 10:34:56

    mmm so and so, It speak only chinese, and it's not possible to connecting to Xiaomi app. the previous model yes (jeeback 2) this one the model 3 no. I don't understand why.

  • January-13 2021 02:12:14

    Ľahnúť si na brucho , uvoľniť sa a vychutnajte masáž. Pravidelne a výsledok sa dostaví. V dnešnej sedavej dobe - nevyhnutná pomôcka. ❤️🙏🍚 Xiaomi .

  • January-09 2021 06:42:19

    It will be electric impuls massage. It is very interested device i recomend this device. i have problem with the neck and this device relaxed my neck.

  • October-13 2020 09:45:39

    I bought this device by reading the comments. Everyone says it's a great device. I will see if using it is commendable. But if you are selling this device abroad, at least put the instruction in English. I don't have to know Chinese.

  • December-11 2020 01:18:43

    A great product, easy to use while working at the office, computer or doing other static chores.

  • September-22 2020 17:41:13

    Prístroj funguje. Prvé skúsenosti sú pozitívne.

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • January-20 2021 11:33:06

    El producto viene bien, pero la caja ha recibido un gran golpe que podría haber roto el producto

  • December-15 2020 03:39:31

    excellent deal.fast shipping, fast delivery, excellent product

  • December-03 2020 03:43:16

    ok produkt rýchle dodanie odporúčam predajcu


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