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केवल अपने देश (United States) से समीक्षा करें
  • October-01 2020 08:46:20

    nice seat post

  • January-23 2018 04:44:28

    Prodotto in carbonio, e in diverse misure. Leggero e resistente al tatto. Il prezzo è notevolmente contenuto. Spedizione economica e veloce. Attenzione alla lunghezza del reggisella. Potrebbe risultare eccessivamente ridotta rispetto allo svettamento sella totale.

  • November-08 2019 03:20:01

    Tube de selle carbone tres jolie et semble de bonne qualité ! Satisfait !!!

  • November-08 2019 02:42:02

    Je me suis trompé dans le diamètre du tube donc ne convient pas a mon vélo , mais ce tube de selle me semble de bonne qualité et leger !

  • December-02 2020 04:52:37

    very nice seat post, hope it will hold the beating...

  • January-28 2020 13:17:59

    Great Item. Perfect fit for my bike.

  • February-19 2017 00:39:21

    You might wonder how a carbon fiber seatpost can be so cheap. The answer is that it's not carbon fiber but aluminum painted to look like carbon fiber. How do I know. The paint was slightly dinged in the mail when it was sent to me, and I could see the aluminum under the paint. As an aluminum seatpost, it's not bad, but it's advertised as CF. So a bit disappointed in that regard.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • September-10 2017 04:06:58

    item is as described and appears to be well made. i had no issues with the diameter or the post sliding after fitment. I was using a lay back post but prefer to sit further forward this design with the clamp directly on top it has let me move my saddle nearly an inch further forward to get a more comfy position. would purchase again.

  • September-13 2016 22:07:57

    The seat post seems to be oversized. Very hard to get the post into the seat tube. couldn't get the seat low enough and had to go back to the old post.

  • August-08 2017 15:58:21

    Parece de buena calidad, aunque no la he podido probar, tiene un buen acabado. El único problema es si necesitas mucho angulo para el sillín, sobre todo para MTB

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