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  • July-06 2017 22:37:18

    It is a great present for my girlfriend, good job! It looks nice, she love it. Thanks!

  • July-06 2017 22:29:55

    Beautiful butterfly earrings, so sweet and unique. My friends like them too. I'am going to buy purple and pink. Good quality!

  • August-16 2018 16:00:41

    It arrived broken but i managed to fix it safety! Kinda expensive but very delicate and cute. I recommend It.

  • July-11 2017 23:43:36

    I bought the green one. And I originally thought that this kind of small and delicate items would be broken during shipping, but when I got that, it was still in perfect condition. By the way, the shippment is really fast. Very pleasing items, thank you.

  • July-06 2017 22:56:57

    Wow! Very lovely! Butterfly and little glass ball with real flower, so sweet. It brings surprise to my life. Pretty! Recommend!

  • September-22 2018 04:29:44

    Nice ear rings but no box with them and a little bit too expense at my sense.

  • January-04 2018 15:27:50

    good package and quality

  • December-06 2017 14:06:42

    good product

  • August-30 2017 11:01:15

    Nice butterflies for the girls

  • August-02 2017 07:30:43

    Nice earring, bit less appealing than the pictures


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