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  • September-16 2020 16:35:06

    I have ordered 4 time the 16GB. tested just one until now Full working, real 16GB Read 22MB/s Write 20MB/s according Blackmagic (see picture) Tested in SD card adductor on big files in my IMac end 2015 : 6.5 GB in less than 6 minutes)

  • October-13 2020 22:01:17

    Ok....barang telah diterima dengan sukses...thanks banggoot

  • January-09 2021 12:52:01

    fast en good delivered

  • October-30 2020 03:30:57

    recebido. muito rápido a entrega.

  • October-20 2020 10:01:32

    Chegou em 15 dias no Brasil e em perfeito estado! 100% funcionando!

  • January-01 2021 19:50:24

    This was purchased to be used in a drone. The drone has issues with its ability to record to the SD card so I am NOT able to determine if it works for my purpose. I have used it on my laptop without issues and for the price point believe it to be a good purchase. If I get the drone working to record, I am sure I will be purchasing more of these.

  • January-12 2021 03:27:44

    always great having some of these. I cannot find any difference with other brands for speed and whatnot

  • December-28 2020 16:59:42

    got much before the expecting time, i am gonna use it for my H96 Max tv box extended storage.

  • November-10 2020 11:16:21

    Does, what it should do, the MicroSD-Card-Adapter,to SD-Card in a nice Cardridge, to it, was'nt really mentioned.

  • January-14 2021 18:26:08



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