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  • May-26 2020 16:17:25

    Excelente qualidade.

  • September-12 2020 18:12:12

    well made and accurate fast delivery

  • December-05 2019 08:39:32


  • May-30 2019 07:10:34

    Ótimo produto. Excelente relação custo-benefício! Tudo conforme o anúncio. Material entregue em 35 dias! Prazo razoável para envio da China para o Brasil. Estou satisfeito e recomendo a compra! Parabéns ao Bang Good e ao vendedor!

  • March-25 2019 15:14:20

    Great Measure! I put it on the edge of my workbench to easily measure wire for making cables & harnesses.

  • August-11 2019 19:12:02

    Very good

  • July-25 2019 12:27:04

    Delivery was not very fast, but the products are ok.

  • April-25 2019 21:25:18

    muito Boa gostei eu recomendo e chegou na data certa

  • February-23 2020 10:24:46

    This is a well made tape measure. I ordered 3 of them, unfortunately I did not get what I ordered. In the USA as everyone knows we use the imperial system. That's why I ordered 3 for some jigs I'm making. After the long wait for delivery which was expected I open the package and find they are all metric. I've been getting the run around for 3 weeks now trying to resolve this. They've tried offering me a refund for one, sfter requesting pictures of the product, shipping label, barcodes. Then, after

  • September-09 2020 13:32:15

    I bought measuring tapes for both directions on my table saw - they are quality tools and I can recommend them.


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