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  • November-16 2019 05:51:51

    Awesome little item, really love it except mine came with a defect where there are two small holes in the inside layer, causing it to glow unevenly.

  • February-11 2019 14:06:14

    i have received the items in good condition. the packaging was able to protect the items. the delivery took a few weeks as expected.

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  • September-18 2017 06:00:14

    everything is correct like in descritpion. Now a have to think of how i use this as jewelry or something :P

  • June-08 2018 09:19:01

    Arrived about a month earlier than estimated. Incredible product. Would recommend.

  • March-06 2020 07:10:05

    Very good

  • January-19 2020 01:28:23


  • December-30 2016 05:52:11

    As search sites everywhere with different prices et cetera. Although being good cost one or two dollars extra than a competitor, I was confident that I would receive my delivery. A lot of competitors at cheaper items however their postage and handling nearly cost more than the goods! Other countries would not delivered to Australia. I am glad I made the decision to pay the extra one or two dollars and go through someone I know! I have wanted this for so long.

  • February-02 2016 23:10:48

    I have not decided where to use this large tritium glow tube, but it will work well. This large unit is much brighter than the small 1.5 x 6mm vials used to mark equipment or in night sights for pistols. This vial is easily seen in a dim or dark room - but keep in mind it is nothing like a small flashlight. These lights are great for no batteries and a 15 year half life.

  • June-21 2016 01:30:00

    Жаль что загрузить фото даже 450 kb не возможно - пишет Пожалуйста, загрузите фотографию менее 2Mб.??? Это сервис? Товар рекомендую.

  • October-03 2016 16:25:27

    Good quality and as bright as I expected. These are not meant to glow as bright as a chemical light or LED, but you can see them well in the dark and are great for marking and tracking in the dark. Good value for the quality of Tritium


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