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  • October-09 2020 22:41:20

    This package got delivered very fast compared to the last time that I bought an even bigger pack which wasn't delivered. The product is great, I can't say anything negative about that, the only thing that I want to mention is that on the picture it looks like you're getting much more, 164Pcs is used up very fast and the tubes are to my opinion on the short size. I think buying the longer tubes is the better choice but this package is still very useful. Thanks Banggood for the fast and good service

  • December-19 2019 16:57:49

    Bastante útil para quem gosta de eletrônica. Estes tubos são excelentes para as conexões. Bastantes tamanhos diferentes e o preço é bom.

  • March-09 2020 06:50:24

    Schönes Set an Schrumpfschlauch in allen nötigen Größen. Super 👍

  • November-05 2020 11:43:41

    منتج ممتاز والكمية مناسبة للاعمال الخفيفة

  • April-17 2020 16:16:42


  • dpskrz
    April-04 2020 06:19:45

    I LOVE these shrink tubes, using them every time I can! I will buy some more soon. I used the bigger ones to protect my quad ESCs (beautiful yellow ESCs now), the smaller ones for electrical wires, and the medium ones to fix my receiver antennas. Terrific!

  • February-24 2020 12:21:27

    jól néz ki, hasznos lesz

  • February-24 2020 11:04:49

    good choice

  • February-15 2020 18:10:30

    So many choices for the right Jobs, I'm happy with this purchase! thank you BangGood

  • February-12 2020 03:14:12

    everything is fine


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