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  • November-20 2020 12:49:46

    Great quality Fire resistant! unlike normal cable that catches fire straight away. This coped V well with constant heat and kept its insulation intact even after over 30s in a hot flame!

  • January-03 2021 04:33:03

    Отличные провода, сопротивление соответствует заявленному сечение., хорошая изоляция, подробнее в обзоре - https://www.kirich.blog/P966

  • July-20 2020 11:09:19

    This wire is great it deals with the amperage wonderfully and doesn't heat up, I made this series adapter for my rc car out of it and the silicone around it feels nice and tough

  • February-04 2020 12:53:26

    Me he obsesionado como un psycho y no paro de comprar este tipo de cables, son excelentes para los packs de baterías 👌

  • December-16 2020 16:11:12

    Cable con buena calidad ideal para baterias o hacer adaptadores de clavijas , 1 metro justo de cada color ,llega en el tiempo estimado , todo bien.

  • October-11 2020 08:13:54

    Die Silikon-Kabel sind jeweils genau 1m lang. 12AWG (dicke Kabel) und 14AWG (dünne Kabel) auf einen Foto.

  • December-09 2020 14:31:02

    Good quality silicone wire. Absolutely tiny. Small portion heatshrinked together for easier handling. Recommended.

  • November-02 2020 10:12:43

    Korrekt minőség. Mondjuk praktikusabb lenne, ha több méter rendelése esetén nem méteres darabokban, hanem egyben érkezne, de így sem rossz.

  • April-02 2020 16:52:05


  • February-09 2020 18:50:15

    Used this wire for test probes and balance cable. Great soft flexable wire. Being tinbed makes it easy to solder.


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