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  • January-28 2020 01:45:39

    not bad

  • November-18 2017 04:10:09

    Very good to find yours keys in the dark or in the grass... Can also use it to fish a little expensive. See you in 25 years to see if it always works

  • April-04 2019 09:03:03


  • June-28 2018 21:43:04

    I did not have a chance to try but it looks like beautiful products

  • February-25 2020 05:53:46

    exelente 👍🏼

  • February-08 2020 18:30:00

    very low light compared to the presentation on the page

  • January-27 2020 05:47:06

    Very very very faint light

  • December-06 2019 06:42:11

    it does give off a small amount of light so I'm happy

  • July-27 2014 01:48:19

    This is a pretty cool item being that it is filled with a material that will cause it to illuminate for nearly 15 years. A great conversation piece....but don't get your hopes too high that its gonna be the "glow in the dark" most of us are accustomed to. Its a small thin area that glows and it is very dim. You need to be very close and it needs to be very dark. Nevertheless, I think it's a cool item and I'm glad I bought it.

  • October-25 2014 02:21:15

    Based on older reviews I thought this will be a very tiny sliver that you can barely see. It is small, but very visible. Stands out in a dark room. Very handy for finding your keys. Far easier to see at night that the hands on my Casio clock. As stated, really cute conversation piece. And yes it is safe... the vial won't shatter and mutate your privates...


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