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  • December-07 2016 05:58:35

    Качество. Красивый внешний вид. Материалы. Светится!!! Quality. Beautiful appearance. Materials. Lights !!!

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • June-05 2017 19:11:38

    I own several of these. Nice and bright at night, see photos. I have one on my key ring, easy to find at night now. These are also great for emergency kits, or; "Bug out" bags. Wore one on a necklace, and my wife wanted one! Had to take it off of another keychain to make her's. Will have to order more... Paul Monte.

  • July-24 2018 06:18:43

    Cool item a bit pricey but very cool nonetheless good green glow. Good for a keyring if you drop the keys at night you will definitely see them. nice item.

  • March-18 2018 06:57:10

    Bonito, poco luminoso, discreto y "único"

  • Dutzy
    May-29 2017 08:31:26

    This keychain looks great but its very small

  • January-15 2017 10:12:47

    ok fast shiping

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • December-05 2015 03:52:41

    It's quality build keyring to last long. It's nice to know that the light lasts long.

  • June-19 2018 14:10:26

    Really great, i'll buy a few more.

  • December-05 2015 03:56:17

    It's quality build keychainring. It's nice to know that the light lasts long.

  • June-16 2020 02:20:37

    What a great thing! Get you Tritium now! It's on my car key to send signals to the rest of the world: Great to see you!


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