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  • October-06 2020 05:40:06

    The product is of good quality but not everything is good. Sticker affixed upside down. The direction of airflow is the opposite of what was stated. Air flow is much less than declared.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • March-21 2019 10:47:23

    these are very good i have a line of hydroponic lights and i have a fan on the intake of the first one and one in between each one so in a line of 3 lights you need 5 fans so the first is sucking air in over the bulb and the next one sucks it past the second bulb and so on and i have one on the fresh air in too its a good idea to put the fans on the lights on a thermostat controller llike swift air so it can go up and down on its own and the temp is spot on 27 degrees

  • March-12 2019 11:13:04

    i have been looking for some in line fans for my grow room on the air cooled lights exhaust side so i have just tested it and its took the temp down by 3 degrees it had to work its 980 cubic feet an hour suction of air past the bulbs 3 days ago i ordered another 3 so i have one in between all 3 lights so it gets all the hot air from the lights out to the box fan to be dealt with by the ozone generator and out side i will put them all on a fan controler with temp pick up on so they all run at 27 degrees

  • November-08 2019 10:15:05

    Produto como esperado

  • September-01 2019 16:17:13

    Chegou rápido, em boas condições e funciona bem!!

  • May-27 2019 14:19:29

    everithing is O.K.


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