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  • boozey
    2020-08-03 19:43:12

    excellent extension tube. much better balance. great battery carrier. good threads. good price. i dont like the texturing as much as the origional but it's okay.

  • caliN_c
    2019-10-31 06:48:13

    Daca forma tesita de pe tub s-ar alinia cu Butonul de pornire ar arata mai bine.

  • MVL50
    2019-07-24 07:12:27

    The extension tube is really nice on the Astrolux MF02. It is machined well with good black anodising and square cut threads. The knurling is block-style and quite different from the knurling of the other battery tubes. The new battery carrier is made of aluminium and weighs only 59g while the brass version weighs 137g. So it is only half the weight with the same performance otherwise. You can see in the fotos that the contact plate looks different than on the product fotos. The battery tube is easy

  • andrant
    2019-07-10 17:01:38

    Extension and double battery holder for Astrolux MF01 MF02 MF04 MF02S MF04S Extension and double battery holder SUITABLE FOR Astrolux MF01 / MF02 / MF02S / MF04 / MF04S. (PRODUCT ID: 1489668) By applying this extension to ASTROLUX it is possible to insert 8 Li-ion 18650 cells. THE RUN TIME WITH THIS APPLICATION WILL BE DOUBLE !!!!! ENGINEERS WHO WORK FOR THE ASTROLUX BRAND HAVE HAD A GREAT IDEA!!! RECOMMENDED PURCHASE !!! ON BANGGOOD, THE PRICE IS EXCELLENT !!!ARRIVED AT MY HOME, PACKED WELL AND IN

  • netkai
    2019-10-13 20:57:16

    Awesome! Now I can use 8x 30Q batteries to double the run-time for my Mateminco MT70 Plus! 4h30m ~ 5h last time I tested on continuous HIGH mode. Another benefit is that now the big flashlight is weight-balanced. Much easier to use with the shoulder strap.

  • 2020-03-03 19:10:56

    Tolerances are spot on. Everything fits together as described. Can be used with both battery packs as astrolux have safety override, or thin pieces of rubber on both ends of second battery pack to keep as back up. I haven't run modified unit through its paces because of winter, but once summer here, maybe I can update review. I'm new to sight so not sure. Recommended, buy with confidence, good value and seems like these flashlights are picking up steam so quantity might not be there by the time one

  • 2019-12-02 20:17:09

    Товар качественный. Хорошее анодирование, уплотнительные резиновые колечки, кассета с переходником, качественная резьба, не заедает. Теперь у моих Астролюксов MF02 - MF04 время работы увеличилось вдвое. Доставка быстрая. Рекомендую магазин и продавца...

  • 2019-10-30 18:21:01

    great value, price is super fair. I could see other company's charging alot more. One thing I dont like are the springs. they are not as robust as the original battery carrier springs that comes with the lights, and I'm almost certain there is extra voltage sag happening because of these smaller springs. a simple braided copper bypass would solve this issue. 1 other thing, the carriers do not have the brass contact points like the original battery Carrier's do, thier just simple aluminium, resulting

  • 2020-08-09 19:22:17

    works well but needs a little more quality control. one of the battery holders rubs the sides of the tube and didn't make proper contact. with a little sand paper it was easily fixed.

  • Gigas
    2020-02-18 17:46:44

    I would define this accessory as indispensable. It allows using eight batteries 18650 doubling the runtime and represents at the same time a more comfortable way to handle the flashlight.


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