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  • November-19 2020 17:00:07

    Nice i recommend it to everyone Astrolux® SC01 Type-C 2A Quick Charge USB Battery Charger Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR Charger For 18650 20700 21700 26650 Cell

  • November-28 2020 14:20:02

    Компактная, лёгкая зарядка (только заряд, без функций powerbank'а). Заряжает длинные аккумуляторы, у меня без проблем встал 20700 от Liitokala (Sanyo). Ток зарядки начинается с 1,5... 2 А и снижается во время зарядки. Окончание зарядки отмечается переключение индикатора с красного на зелёный цвет.

  • timVIP2
    November-19 2020 05:59:11

    The Astrolux SC01 didn't turn on when I tried supplying it with power from my USB Type-C Power Delivery supply. A regular 2.4A supply and a QC3 supply worked. The SC01 charged my 18650 cell from 3.80V to 4.20V within 2 hours. It started at 1.3A and gradually dropped to 500mA, 200mA, 50mA, 7mA etc. SC01 is a chunky little single cell charger. It came in a blank white box with a USB-A to USB-C cable. It's good value for the price. There are smaller 18650 single cell chargers but this one supports larger

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • December-01 2020 17:21:48

    Só não vem na embalagem original.

  • November-23 2020 05:11:18

    very good tool, working nice. 2A charging. 5 stars 👍

  • January-06 2021 13:41:33

    Thank you very much the charger arrived in very good condition and it works. it took only 11 days

  • January-03 2021 04:07:14

    Bardzo dobra ładowarka, bez problemu akceptuję nawet duże ogniwa (26650, 21700). Plusem jest że można zasilać ją ładowarką od smartfona.

  • October-28 2020 20:17:02

    Fast charger, arrived quickly and intac Very good buying experience.

  • January-13 2021 03:23:25

    Tudo certo, só falta testa-los

  • January-12 2021 02:55:17

    ottimo caricicatore type-c a 2 amp,funzionale piccolo e leggero


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