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  • April-28 2019 08:38:39

    This light is excellent, quality, craftsmanship, features and performance are awesome. Packaging: simple, but exactly right for this light. The foam protects the light when shipped UI: Perfect. Has ramping, easy access for strobe and turbo and also lockout. Performance: boost circuit with a single cell setup. 12V LED emitter that came in natural white and is amazing! Very bright design: good! with very minor issues the light is pretty. usb charging is included. manual as well.

  • February-01 2019 10:35:08

    Amazing thrower! A few years back these kind of numbers would have been a dream... or extremely expensive to buy.. It throws about 180000cd and that is rather impressive. To see the complete review check out: 1lumen.com Buy a good 21700 battery, and you'll be very happy. But make sure to NOT store your batteries inside the light without doing a mechanical lockout..by turning the tailcap. It has a very high parasitic drain.

  • January-19 2019 09:10:18

    Es espectacular la enorme distancia que alcanza al mismo tiempo que el amplio espacio que ilumina.Su sistema de uso de rampa funciona perfectamente y el color del tinte natural resulta muy agradable. El tamaño y peso es considerable y aunque es muy manejable abulta demasiado para llevar en el bolsillo.

  • August-13 2019 10:38:22

    Come with mateminco tk01 manual :))

  • March-13 2019 07:26:03

    i bought 2 of this flahlight! very good quality! thx

  • May-02 2019 13:59:26

    ótima qualidade

  • March-13 2019 07:08:15

    good quality...work very well! thx banggood!

  • February-22 2020 03:46:23

    Everything is OK. Except customs taxes.

    December-16 2019 16:21:02

    Some Quality issues, but working

  • January-13 2019 16:12:38

    I love this light. Can set to highest (turbo) and it remains in memory for "on and off" searching. Good tint, rechargeable, good throw, 21700 battery, and compact in size. It doesn't throw quite as far as my Olight M3XS UT but has a nicer tint and is single battery operated. It has steeples dimming and 848 meter throw. Can use included 18650 adapter, but I utilize the 21700 with Samsung 40T. Great value for the price. Another great quality build by Astrolux - bring on the FT03 with USB C fast cha


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