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  • June-23 2020 01:39:24

    Bought from CN warehouse and was quick delevered. Very nice quality printer. The steppermotors and mainboard af real quiet. The fans do make a lot of noise when printing. The instruction manual is not that detailed but because I had seen some youtube instructions already I could identify some parts that I could have mounted the wrong way otherwise. Also the position of endstop switch on the Z axis was not realy clear and at first I mounted it to high zo I could not do a correct bedleveling. After

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  • September-24 2020 17:04:12

    This is my first 3D printer. It comes very well packed. Instructions are clear and it's quite easy to assemble, eventually you will find tons of video of assembly, plus there is a big community around this printer, with advice and improvements. If I can give some advice : - The tools are provided, but if you are well equiped, use yours, always work with good tools. - Torque in a criss-cross pattern - Do not over torque - All axis should move smoothly, without play nor hard spot. - If you get hard

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  • November-01 2020 03:59:32

    Fast UK delivery to Scotland, 1 day after dispatch which was a nice surprise. Packaging is on another level compared to my last printer(Tronxy). Printer was easy to build, only took an hour. I watched this video before I started https://youtu.be/JTN6jtB5mqk Print quality is great out of the box. I'm sure a small amount of tuning will increase the print quality. Only con was that the extrusion for the Z axis on my had some rolled threads for the bolts which attach it to the Y-axis. Fortunately it

  • July-02 2020 03:10:21

    I have received the printer and everything came perfectly. keep in mind this is the first every printer i have owned. the packaging protected the equipment and instructions manual is very clear wand explains step by step what needs to be done to correctly put together the printer. it is also advisable to go to ytube to watch a few videos of assembling Ender 3 pro it will give you more hits and tips with assembly to assure you have a printer without any mechanical issues. the ender 3 v2 comes with

  • November-24 2020 11:15:10

    A bit strange thing: Once I opened package and started counting items if nothing is missing I noticed there was one screw missing on coupler and one screw for tensioner. After one more time checking the box I found the missing coupler screw after all of packaging material in box corner. Also I found tensioner screw kinda stuck in tensioner unit itself so it was all fine in the end so if you are missing some screws they might not be in the bag. I also had a bit of issue with logistics as somebody

  • November-24 2020 08:14:46

    This is my first 3D printer. It arrived in excellent condition 13 days after I placed my order. I followed build and setup instructions from a Creality Youtube video for the Ender-3 V2. It took me about 4 1/2 hours to build and setup. After all that and bed leveling I loaded the included white pla filament and printed the CHEP bed level print gcode. I was amazed at how quiet and smooth the Ender-3 V2 operates! There was very good adhesion of the print to the bed. Also printed a CHEPCube it came out

  • November-03 2020 10:00:27

    This printer is so much better than I could've possibly imagined. The print quality is great, and I can reach fairly high printing speeds without comprising quality at all. If you're thinking of buying this, stop thinking, just buy it. You won't regret it. Setup was easy, and if you follow a good bed levelling tutorial, you'll have excellent quality prints in no time at all. I recommend Cura as a free slicing software for any .stl files you may have. The settings and resolution in it are unparalleled

  • September-29 2020 17:36:16

    Fantastic printer! Super easy to assemble and miles better than my old Tevo Tarantula. Delivery from UK warehouse within 7 days. I recommend using a YouTube tutorial for assembly in order to help you get everything square. Taking time to ensure everything is square at the start means you'll be printing amazing quality prints right from the beginning. I am honestly very impressed.

  • September-04 2020 07:10:39

    Excelente printer, took a bit of tweaking to get it printing just right but now it does .2 tolerances perfectly. Factory assembly may be a bit rough, but if you take the time to optimise everything you will love the printer. It is extremely silently, I have it printing next room to my bedroom and I can barely ear the fans when it is printing at night. You won't be able to ear the stepper motors at all. It will print up to .12 resolution and with excellent finish, at least with PLA, I have yet to test

  • September-04 2020 02:48:09

    Se ve muy compacta y buena construcción como viene siendo en Creality. En cuanto al firmware, para mi gusto es muy básico y con poca compatibilidad, dado que la pantalla por ejemplo que lleva solo es compatible con su placa; Cosa que no ocurre con la Normal y Pro. No posee drivers de doble Z como se esperaría de una placa de 32 bits, y los Drivers al parecer no son UART.


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