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  • July-14 2020 06:02:16

    Доставка супер. Два дня со склада РФ. Всё соответствует описанию. Пайка хорошая, с первого взгляда качество хорошее. В деле ещё не использовал, но думаю всё будет хорошо.

  • April-05 2020 16:50:37

    Ottima qualità prezzo, è un ottimo prodotto ha il microfono integrato e 25-200-600-800 mw selezionabili. Quando è in offerta è da acquistare. Excellent quality price, it is an excellent product with integrated microphone and selectable 25-200-600-800 mw. When it is on offer it is to be purchased.

  • November-22 2020 02:46:58

    macht einen Guten Eindruck. Die Lötställen an dem die Zeitungen Gelötet sind sehen zum Kotzen aus. sehen aber nicht kalt aus Die eine Seite ist mit so einem schwarzen Lack Versiegelt das gefällt mir. man kann die Lötstellen noch von der anderen Seite erreichen und nachbessern weil es durchkontaktierte Löcher sind

  • December-07 2020 13:24:01

    al fin, despues de mas de un mes por la demora del cartero aqui en Peru llego a casa. todo ok ahora a instalarlo :"3

  • January-29 2020 12:06:53

    reçu très bien emballé conforme à la description il ne reste plus qu'à l'essayer reçu avec le type d'antenne plus il notice en anglais

  • October-15 2020 14:16:12

    Bought it for bugs 3. Instruction book small 2 pages nothing very informative about leds meaning. Eventually I chose A1 on the monitor and searched lowest rssi changing channels on vtx, figured it out. On bugs 3 you have fpv and frond led as possibilities to power this thing. FPV port is strong enough good current but too low voltage only 5V and tx805 does not work on 5V, leds are on but it buzzes even on 25mW and no video. On front led port you have battery voltage so like 8V, but not enough current

  • January-14 2021 18:14:17

    muy buen producto, espero montalor pronto, la calidad de construcción se siente muy bien, no pague aduanas y llegó en 3 semana aproximadamente por la paquetería de redpack

  • January-14 2021 15:06:52

    molto compatta, ha il microfono integrato, possibilità di avere la doppia antenna, classica o tipo lollipop, sembra un buon prodotto.

  • December-27 2020 06:13:16

    Ordered as a replacement for broken one. Connectors have to be soldered according to the actual platform.

  • September-29 2020 03:32:20

    The quality product, I will test it soon. The transport lasted almost 1 month, I don't know why and through whose fault ....


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