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  • November-24 2020 02:43:09

    First I want to say that delivery was fast: I received the product after 6 days and 1 hour (shipped from CZ to EU country). About the product: I rated it only 4 stars because it has a mechanical design flaw (check the attached images): the supply board it's mounted using only 2 screws - the orange rectangles - and one of those screws had the thread already damaged. No mounting point down - red square. With this design flaw it wouldn't pass a quality test that consists of "drop and vibrations test". I

  • July-30 2020 13:47:03

    A vártnál korábban érkezett. Erre vágytam.

  • October-16 2020 08:07:41

    thank you , looks good, all solved

  • October-31 2020 03:13:57

    Very fast delivery. Works correctly. Only problem is, that beeping is so loud and is not possible to change.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • September-25 2020 15:04:38

    Arrived in good worder, electronics its same as K3010D only control panel and case is different.

  • November-05 2020 09:32:20

    Works as described. He arrived flawlessly. The programs received on the flash drive cannot be started, as if they were encrypted.

  • October-12 2020 06:22:58

    Muy buena si quieren ver el review del equipo visite mi canal de YouTube BatuHerramientas. Saludos

  • JoelDo
    November-26 2020 10:43:52

    Très rapide !!! pas encore testé

  • November-10 2020 06:52:16

    Very good power supply.

  • November-10 2020 06:51:05

    Very good power supply for electonics work. Thanks


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