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  • 2020-01-24 13:22:18

    The product is as described and came well packaged. All functions work as expected and described including the wireless charging and is also easy to set up. By default it has power-saving turned on, so it will turn off the display after a few seconds. You can disable that by pressing down arrow. It also has internal 3V coin cell lithium battery that keeps time when no power is present. Overall it is a nice bedside clock with extra feature, the wireless charging.

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  • al3ksis
    2020-01-14 02:26:44

    Arrived in Roman, Romania in 20 days, delivered by the postman to the door. Clock is nice, feels cheap (is super light), but it does it job. Fits perfectly my Galaxy S10 plus. When I put my phone to charge wirelessly, the clock does a little flickering, but after 10 seconds is ok. Recommend!

  • broquer
    2020-04-03 05:56:02

    recibido en muy mal estado Vino sin ninguna protección Soportó mucho peso encima y lo aplastó por un lateral Algún Boton no funciona Siento mucho el tema porque me parece buen material Debería venir mejor protegido

  • Tomáš
    2020-02-25 10:00:07

    Vypadá dobře a je hrozně lehký. Původně jsem myslel, že mi přišla jen prázdná plastová krabička. Nabíjení telefonu funguje v jakékoliv poloze a téměř hned (iPhone X). Lze nastavit, aby svítil pořád, případně zapnout power save mode, aby se po chvíli zhasnul.

  • DiOuKey
    2020-01-29 13:05:09

    Свои функции выполняет. Почти честный 1 ампер (~0.9). Если придираться, то с близка под углом видно небольшие царапины.

  • kicosky
    2020-01-29 01:25:35

    Пристигна по-бързо от очакваното. Изглежда много добре. Включих го работи. Прибрах го отново в опаковката, защото съм го купил за подарък.

  • 2020-02-03 14:45:10

    Well, it's a wireless charger with a clock, calendar and temperature display added to it along with the ability to set 3 different alarm times. It is sleek looking but it is very lightweight which makes it feel a little cheap. It comes only with a short USB cable, it does not include a wall adapter. So you will need to either get a wall adapter or use an open high power computer port to drive it. I used a powered USB hub to test my units. Simple menu to set date, time, and alarms. I got 2 units. The

  • 2020-02-28 07:50:58

    really light - I though its just empty plastic box. Good manual, Im just missing the adapter for powercable. charger works immediately (iPhone xs), alarm also funcitonal. Great purchase, recommended! :)

  • 2020-05-26 14:04:53

    Produto bonito e elegante, design minimalista. Aparenta não ser muito resistente a impacto, mas deixando-o quieto na mesa não terá problemas, já que as borrachinhas na parte de baixo o deixam bem firme. O carregamento wireless funciona, embora só tenha um relógio para fazer o teste enquanto o celular não chega xD

  • Marcus2
    2020-04-01 08:46:33

    Gostei relógio


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