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  • June-16 2020 16:55:14

    Almost identical to the Convoy C8+, just the finish is not quite as good, still great quality though. Perfect for making up flashlights to my own specification. Came with everything I needed. Makes a great thrower with the Osram flat white. Not tried other LEDs, like the XP-L HI, but I have no reason to think it won't be any different to the tried and tested Convoy C8+ Price is lower than the equivalent Convoy C8+ and for my own projects more than good enough. I was that impressed I have ordered

  • June-06 2020 06:39:14

    Already one time in a row, an unsecured shipment was just packed into ordinary foil. Please, tell me now how to sell the product in this condition ?? If shipping from banngood will still look like this, I strongly advise against buying ...

  • June-15 2020 09:11:31

    Flashlight very very good, takes 20mm LED and 17mm driver. High machining and surface quality. Little diference in color of individual parts. Waterproof. Good design of construction and inner contact surfaces, there is no problem with loosening switch ring or driver ring over time, as is seen in some other flashlights with bad designed construction. Recommend

  • July-11 2020 07:03:35

    Отличный корпус, дырки под диодом нет, Надписей на корпусе нет. Анодирование матовое как у конвоя. Внутри было немного стружки


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