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  • April-03 2020 10:07:13

    Looks robust, but the rubber band might be a weak point with time. The micro USB connector has a serious protection, however it is lowered into the body so wider cables' connectors might not fit in that place.

  • April-07 2020 19:42:31

    works very well. it has a super bright mode that you can see in bright Florida day light. do not order the $3 bike lights they are junk. get this one instead. also it just does different flashes. it doesn’t do a spinning circle or anything which would be cool. however this one is definitely effective.

  • August-28 2020 07:14:45

    Lights very well I like to buy again, is easily dimmable with the 3 levels. Practically rechargeable with USB.

  • August-19 2020 15:34:36

    Very good product !

  • March-25 2020 13:48:52


  • May-26 2020 09:30:40

    La mejor luz de bici, compré este modelo hace un año para otra bici y la vuelvo a comprar porque me ha encantado.

  • October-25 2020 03:45:40

    muy bien todo perfecto iluminación estupenda ya compré 2 de estas muy contento

  • April-21 2020 07:34:27

    quality is great, performance in brightness is also good!

  • February-24 2020 07:19:38

    bastante brillante, muy buena compra!

  • September-18 2020 07:50:26

    Lanterna fantástica! Excelente para sinalização no trânsito. Vale muito a pena!


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