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  • June-28 2020 07:28:28

    SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problémov. Je to už môj tretí tento senzor teploty a vlhkosti. Je veľmi kvalitny a má pekný dizajn. Displej je veľmi kvalitný, dobre čitateľný z každého uhla. Super. Ďakujem Banggood. ENG - The product arrived in order and without problems. This is my third temperature and humidity sensor. It is very high quality and has a nice design. The display is very high quality, easy to read from every angle. Great. Thank you Banggood.

  • August-19 2020 16:14:16

    Excelent little device for checking real time temperature and humidity in the baby's room! It was easy to connect via Bluetooth (make sure you select China mainland) and from there it read my phone's time settings and it was working. I love how sensitive the temperature sensor is, it quickly detects a change in the temperature, unlike other thermometers. It was a lot smaller than I expect but it's still a great buy if you're looking for something to make sure your baby sleeps in a well adjusted t

  • July-23 2020 04:05:04

    SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problémov. Krabička trošku pokrčená, ale produkt bez poškodenia. Mám už tri tieto teplomery a musím len doporučiť. Super displej, výborné pozorovacie uhly, pekný dizajn a malá veľkosť. Spárovanie s Mi Home je bez problémov. Super produkt. Ďakujem Banggood. ENG - The product arrived in order and without problems. Box slightly wrinkled, but the product without damage. I already have three of these thermometers and I just have to recommend.

  • March-28 2020 06:08:24

    Полностью соответствует заявленным характеристикам. Качество изготовления и функционал на высоте. Упаковка не о чём, смеялась просто в хлам. Не понимаю как можно жадничать на копеечной упаковке. Когда увидел подумал что доставку не пережило, но случилось чудо, все уцелело и

  • October-07 2020 06:27:34

    Όπως έχω ξανά γράψει είναι ένα "κόσμημα" της xiaomi. Απλά πάρτε το. Το μόνο αρνητικό ειχε 1 εβδομάδα παράδοση όταν έκανα την παραγγελία αλλά τελικά το παρέλαβα σε 40 μέρες, οπότε το 1 week delivery που αναφέρει κατά την παραγγελία δεν ισχύει.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • August-28 2020 05:35:17

    Εντάξει τι να πούμε για αυτό το "κόσμημα".....Πολύ ωραίο αισθητικά και ποιοτικά. Ακριβής μέτρηση θερμοκρασίας και υγρασίας. Ένα συν ακόμη ότι μέσα στην συσκευασία έχει τρία κιτ στερέωσης επιτραπέζια, επιτοιχια με αυτοκόλλητο η μαγνητικά όπως το έβαλα εγώ στο ψυγείο.

  • October-21 2020 09:53:04

    The build quality is very nice, the screen is sharp, and readable from every angle. The included manual is in Chinese only. To set up time you have to download the app (size is over 100MB). Use the provided QR code in the manual, then register with email or phone number and select China mainland, grant location access, enable BT and location, and search for this device.

  • June-25 2020 02:34:57

    O aparelho é muito bonito e bem construído, te um tamanho muito bom e é de fácil visualização. O único porém fica por conta da necessidade de configurar o app MiHome para o país China ao configurá-lo (se não fizer isso o app nem o encontra). A entrega foi até com bom tempo mas a embalagem usada era muito frágil e a caixa do produto chegou muito amassada, por sorte sem danos ao relogio, mas é um ponto de atenção.

  • May-08 2020 02:19:40

    Great! It looks great in the daytime. Shows time, ambient humidity and temperature. It comes with a magnet, a pedestal and a sticker to put it anywhere. However, I had to change the geographical area of ​​the xiaomi application to configure it, then I had to switch back to Europe for other devices that I own. Satisfied

  • March-08 2020 13:50:03

    Great display, very readable. But I now have 2 devices with a difference of 5.5% on the humidity levels despite being next to each other... Which is correct?

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