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केवल अपने देश (United States) से समीक्षा करें
  • July-01 2020 10:50:46

    spettacolare sotto tutti i punti,ottimo per cominciare ,ottimo per divertirsi fa foto spettacolari per essere un drone sui 130€ video discreti la sua app dedicata fa un po' le pizze ogni tanto con il mio xiaomi note 7 va in crash ma sicuramente e per il cellulare gia segnalato ai prorammatori, cmq sia consiglio per chi deve cominciare e non... il drone e fermo come un palo ha un hovering spettacolare

    टिप्पणियाँ (7)
  • June-22 2020 13:02:56

    пролетал хорошо около десяти раз, потом в один день взлетел с креном на один мотор, управление не слушался пролетел со снижением по кругу, совершенно не управляем был в тот момент ударился о мост и упал вводу. вот результат, ни кнопка домой ни джойстики не сработали в тот момент

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • September-30 2020 10:53:20

    first! review after review, in doubt what to choose i bought the pro, but 2 days later i found out that there was now a pro2. a bit disapointed i was waiting on my pro. a big surprise when i was opening the package. they send me the pro2. but with the batteries of the pro. so in other Words, i have a “better” drone but with less flytime. i guess its about 5 minutes. i was able to stay in the air for 18 minutes. when i ordered they said 30 days but after exact 9 days i received the drone.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • May-01 2020 11:25:14

    arrived pretty quick under the current circumstance. Quality seems pretty good though not had chance to fly it properly as yet. The down side is I paid extra for a box instead of the bag. This was a mistake as the box it came in can't really be used as a carry case. Though this is suppose to be a new drown it came in a old box (which you pay more for) The box it came in is for the SG 906 not the SG906 pro so though not a marjor issue alittle disappointed. They have stuck a sticker on the back of the

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • June-26 2020 04:25:41

    Hamar megérkezett. Gondos csomagolás. Normál anyag használat. A távirányítónak jobb a fogása, mint a régebbi SG távirányítóinál. Külsőleg ugyan olyan viszont nem sima a fogása. A drone motorja és a rotorja sokkal csendesebb, mint a Zino sorozatnál. Gép tesztelése után többet írok. Egyébként első ránézésre ár érték arányban kiváló.

  • October-10 2020 03:56:25

    Very easy to setup and fly. Surprisingly stable in flight. Video is 1080p and you do get jello effect a little when turning, but moving up and down the gimble works and keeps the image steady. For the price its an excellent drone and very happy. Excellent quick delivery in one week from CK.

  • June-15 2020 15:28:57

    I am very pleased and impressed with the drone although I cannot seem to get the ‘follow me’ feature to work if you could help me solve this problem that would be awesome ! but so far 10/10

  • June-07 2020 21:07:56

    dopo tanto tempo e arrivato tempi spedizione un po' troppo lungo. prodotto ottima qualità sia hardware sia software. qualità foto e video 7 su 10 qualche vibrazione la da ogni tanto credo sia causato da interferenze ma per la maggiore va benissimo molto comodo da pilotare gps funziona benissimo e range di volo molto lungo 800m. mia considerazione ottimo prodotto per chi vuole inserirsi in questo mondo con un tocco di professionalità best buy ;)

  • June-02 2020 09:03:13

    drone molto solido e ottimo da maneggiare, risponde perfettamente ai comandi..per il suo prezzo lo consiglio... ma non fate il mio errore di acquistarlo con una batteria(troppo poco il divertimento)

  • January-06 2021 06:04:48

    Pretty good for the price, but i expected a little more range and the remote control is built with cheap plastic but the drone is quit solid and has a stable fly, plus the app is excellent. (The photos are screenshot from a video) Good deal, my next goal is to find a solution to uprade the range.


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