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  • November-18 2020 10:32:13

    Дрон отличный, свежая бета, забиндил— полетел, летит как по рельсам, летать намного комфортней чем на трашкене разумеется в доме, на улице малейший ветер его сдувает, крашеустойчивость на высоте.

  • September-03 2020 06:45:59

    очень прикольная штука)летает очень неплохо для вупа.в комплекте пропы на замену 1 комплект и 4 акума на 300 махов(однопортовая разрядка от узб) ,если заряжать в режиме HV - летает от 2 до 4 минут,смотря как летать)встроенный приемник фрскай и vtx с головой хватает метров на 300 даже если

  • jasVIP3
    July-08 2020 16:45:46

    overall a great tiny whoop, very affordable and it makes it easy to really get into the hobby. i have posted my setup for comparison, and i have also posted my charger, and the reference manual in case you have lost yours and need to look something up. hope this helps! and enjoy!

  • May-11 2020 07:45:09

    何だろう、メテ男とはまた違った感じです。 フレームの成形の問題か、プロペラと擦れてビビり音がします。クセをつけるとマシにはなります。 fcはチップの並び具合が、LDARCのtiny7,8みたいです。よくもまぁここまで詰め込んだなと言う感じです。集合体恐怖症の方は、気を付けて下さい。 パワー感はプロペラが大きいせいか少し遅れてブワっと行きます。外の方が楽し

  • June-21 2020 01:08:52

    lasting longer than my Mobula6 finally cracked one of the hoops and instead of glue I used soldering iron and just carefully melted the crack together 😃 instant fix I have been doing it wrong all these years no problem with the antenna on mine like others have had mine is bent in such a way it stays put seems to fly best on the provided battery size I tried longer battery’s it flew a bit worse This is a better deal than the Mobula as it has the carry case and just feels more fun to fly

  • August-15 2020 20:06:04

    My UZ65 arrived today and I was excited to give it a try. Binding was easy and I was on my front porch flying it in front of my house in no time. By the end of my second battery I was thinking I might like it better than the Mobula 6, my current favorite. On the third battery I clipped a wire and lost my video. The VTX antenna attaches to the board with an U.FL (I think) connector and popped out when it hit. There was no finding it in the freshly mowed grass. I replaced it with an Emax RHCP antenna

  • August-11 2020 03:56:11

    Having great fun with this mainly flying outside its got plenty of power and is fast about 3 mins flying time the camera angle is the only issue you have to move board a bit to move camera further down for indoor and slow flying its great as it is for fast outdoor but needs to be lower for slow/indoor camera/vtx is very good no regrets in buying this

  • November-22 2020 12:20:33

    Great little micro drone. I've been using it to learn FPV inside and in the garden with some cheap box goggles and a t16s. Flight time is about 3 mins on one battery which is OK. Would recommend getting a charger that can do multiple batteries though. Seems to fly great out the box.

  • November-06 2020 01:18:32

    A very nice 65mm Whoop :) Also the included lipos aren't bad I fitted a 3D printed Canopy with a Caddx Ant + Unify Pro Nano + Micro UXII, because this is what we use for indoor gym racing. But the original VTX is also fine, just the linear antenna isn't good if you want to fly with others.

  • November-03 2020 00:06:02

    Bon rapport qualité prix. vtx en 100mw bon whoop en flashant esc possibilité de dépasser les 4 min de vols.


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