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DrBang 2018-03-13 17:21:35
So many reviews, so I'll only drop my test results here. It was not easy to get reliable results. The turbo mode has a current of more than 12 amps, but my lab power supply has a maximum of 10A output. So I used a battery bank to provide the current. There was a voltage drop to 7.5 V in turbo mode (this is ok, the driver s compensating this). My version has the Nichia 219C emitters. I've measured the following currents. Mode Lo : 0.02 @ 8.4V Mode Mi : 0.54 A @ 8.4V Mode Mi2 : 1.0 A @ 8.4 V Mode Hi : 3.5 A @ 8.2 V Mode Tu : 13.0 A @ 7.5 V This is 97.5 W in summary for turbo, there is no 100% efficiency so we subtract 15% power consumption for the driver. So we have 4.6 W per LED, according to the specs we can expect 130 lm/W. So in summary we have 4.6 W * 130 lm/W * 18 = 10764 lm, looks reasonable. It's just an estimation, there are to many unknowns.
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