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emma The brand is AIRAUX which is the sub-brand of Blitzwolf.

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Q: Is this without power cord? Also , is it without any hanging materials?

diminta oleh christoslygd di 2019-01-10 11:26:40

Kidult @Ericcabana, you mention a driver for 220v rated LEDs :D . Dude you're funny. Maybe you can't read ? I gave the info : Hook it to a power cord straight to 220v. You wanna talk like a qualified electrician but you're just making fun of yourself. Why would you need a led driver for 220v LEDs ? Just read the product title and the description man. (Use your brain ?) Meanwhile, I'm using this, and my house isn't on fire. Nice dig 6 months later btw ! Telling I'm not giving info. What info did you give ? People like you smh... " There is no output input for the current " XDXDXD... The things we read hey....

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