Geekcreit® 8A DC5-30V to DC1.25-30V 150KHz Automatic Step Up Step Down Adjustable Power Module Voltage Regulation With Short Circuit / Overtemperature Protection

GabrielVii נכתב לפני1217 ימים. build feels solid and hooked up with RC 3S lipo tested to power up laptop, feels warm after 15min running input voltage at 11.4v while output 19.23V @ ~1.1A with laptop under idle, unable to test load due to my multimeter unable to properly read current draw..... second & third pic show size comparison to old 5A boost regulator that failed after 3 months usage


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    • על ידי Antonin 2020-07-11 05:03:55 Very good, ship with anti-static bag. Product was packed properly. Line regulation is good, tested with 5-30v in input, and 2A load. Suitable for led, or no analog device without filter. Current limitation work fine. I'm bit disappointed on capacitor choice. They are 105degree ones, but only 35V. 50v ones would have allowed a better lifespan.
    • על ידי ArturKrajewski 2020-05-24 07:44:45 Great product. I used it to build a bench power supply with 2 variable channels and it works fine.
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