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Q: what is the diameter of the hole required for this device?

Asked by Coetz on 2017-12-16 20:18:04

Maminbot 46 mm or 1.8 inch exactly. So you will need a slightly larger bore with some gap as leeway. However bear in mind that the barrel does not come with a tensioning mechanism so you may need to pack it wi... See More

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Q: Where is the power supply?

Asked by Glauve on 2017-12-26 12:14:40

Maminbot The 3 USB sockets are directly attached to a circuit board with a switch mode power supply. It's all contained in the tube below the surface.

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Q: is it working with 220V too?

Asked by klemic on 2017-12-08 12:50:31

Maminbot I have plugged it in (220V) with an adapter (3-pin UK), device pumps out 5.10V, with no significant heat build-up. But that is without load. Customer service rep also seem to say it's a universal AC-D... See More

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Maminbot There is a video by Voltlog on YouTube. He repaired his by bridging a blown fuse on the XT60 output socket. It's all in the vid, go check it out. Good luck.

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