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laserman Use it with a DC- 3phase driver like in RC but one that can handle about 60 V 50A at least an electric brake system in that driver makes recuperative braking possible like in some electric bikes . Alt... See More

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Q: the fan is working only in ionize mode?

Asked by aryesk on 2020-06-24 13:54:22

laserman After some time in the ozonemode , the fan will work but only after the ozon generator has t started up ( within a minute) otherwise the airflow of the fan prohibited Corona- discharge, the way ozone ... See More

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laserman Moglich macht dit Zoll kein schwierigkeiten Weil die angegeben Wert Darfur zu Gering ist. Auch gegenhalten ist unwahrscheinlich, Weil es nicht Klasse 4 laser ist. Eigentlich ist es ja ein Bau untertei... See More

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Q: This paper can be eaten and used in sweets

Asked by Meme King on 2019-02-27 17:55:54

laserman Yes , can be consumed, will not be ionized or attached by HCl in stomach

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Q: Is there a manual or wiring diagram available for TTL signals?

Asked by vincifine on 2019-04-23 09:26:01

laserman No, but it I’d very simple. Without input alle3 lasers work, with TTL they go out also when you close the input terminal with a wire.( shortcut) what gives the same effect when contra polarized TTL ki... See More

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Q: Can I connect 230 v fan

Asked by harikrishnaec10 on 2018-11-29 09:22:18

laserman As you connect SW and K, rectifying the output and use it with electronics which can handle DC , it works fine and when the transistors are cooled properly, 500 Watt is NO PROBLEM when good 12 VDC Bat... See More

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laserman Yellow connector is for additional fan ( blower 12v) but is normally not needed , because input is about 5 Watt, nothing becomes dangerous hot. EXEPT THE BEAMS, this laser will burn your retina in the... See More

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Q: Is the motor rotation reversible?

Asked by stew182 on 2018-02-10 14:06:59

laserman Almost all dm motors with permanent magnets like these are able to turn in both directions. The fact that they are often optimized for one direction, does not mean they become damaged by changing pola... See More

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