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Reman Well, Over a year and a half later and NONE of these have burnt out yet. Cant be bad. :)

Reman 2017-02-20 08:41:49
I got a load of these LED bulbs in 3w and a few 9w, All of which are the "Warm Light" version. I've used the 3w ones to replace all the 11w CFL bulbs I had around the house, and the 9w LED's to replace the 23w CFL's I had in places like the hallway and kitchen (Where the extra lights useful). The 3w LED bulbs seem to kick out slightly more light than the original 11w CFL bulbs, And the 9w LED is, if See More
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Reman Exactly the same has happened to me twice now. It must be because the SKU numbers for the black BR2205 and these BR2403 motors are so similar. Hopefully, When the replacements for the wrong replacemen... See more

sopronizoli 2017-04-03 04:16:02
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Reman OK. I've now got this thing running the Chaoli CL-615 motors and (With the aid of another little pig tail wire soldered to the top of the board and a bit of having the battery tray about) it also now ... See more

Reman 2016-08-27 10:46:42
I was a little sceptical about buying these. I've used quads with "Games console" style transmitters before and I've never found them to be much good. The ones that come with these are acceptable. Nothing to write home about, But they work perfectly well enough to fly this quad. The flight times I've had so far with it standard were around three and a half minutes of chucking it around the room, or See More
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Reman Could you tell me which of the adapters 4 settings you used for Freerider please? I'm only getting throttle and pitch. For some reason the yew and roll are coming in on one of the switches and a rotar... See more

Nizar 2016-07-06 13:31:53
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