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osipov_alex Unfortunately, I still did not receive this product and opened a dispute about a refund.

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Q: How is the lamp charged? Are additional accessories required?

Asked by d.doenges on 2020-01-15 07:22:38

osipov_alex This flashlight does not have a separate socket for charging the batteries that are in it.To charge them, you need to take them out of the flashlight and charge them with a separate charger (I personally use BT-C3100, NITECORE D4, and others). Sorry for my English.

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osipov_alex On my work I use my mobile phone to connect to this camera through Wi-Fi - I access the Internet with my phone through the Wi-Fi available at my place of work. This camera has Internet access only through Wi-Fi. At the same time, I view the camera image in real time. I'm sorry for my English.

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osipov_alex 2019-03-20 07:45:09
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