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: Will Phoenix 742-2 fit?

belter46rus 2019-11-07 02:22:44

Cripskillz everything but the collet is the same

2021-03-23 11:46:50 (0)
Answers (2)

Cripskillz but if your collet is still good all the plastic parts are the same..

2021-03-23 11:46:03 (0)
Answers (2)

Cripskillz Hey Freedy, it's actually Great not loud at all! I installed it on the 30a batt tester, live load I use to test 25 to 30 amp 12 power supplies. keeps it cool at twice it's rated watts, no leaks anywhere, wish I could add some pics of it.

Cripskillz 25/01/2021