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Q: Can I have a contact number? There's a lot I want to buy

Asked by BG114971220 on 2020-06-12 10:33:50

Alexy_Skvortzov It's not super fast charging, by the way

2021-01-16 06:52:40 Helpful (0)
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Q: this crone can hold altitude?

Asked by Laimayum D on 2018-06-01 12:07:38

Alexy_Skvortzov Definitely. Most perfect for chip version drones

2021-01-16 06:51:35 Helpful (0)
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Alexy_Skvortzov הזמנתי לפני חודשיים וזה בכלל לא הגיע אלי

2021-01-16 06:50:22 Helpful (0)
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Alexy_Skvortzov Хотел уточнить насчёт качества камеры? и так же насчёт самой записи, записывает на..? Спасибо

Ajan1970 2018-07-31 01:26:05
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Q: Dónde puedo encontrar el manual de forma digital?

Asked by BG160555255 on 2021-01-02 09:56:29

Alexy_Skvortzov English bro... If you ask about control so it's a press to Accelerate and Wheel for Turn sideways

2021-01-06 11:27:09 Helpful (0)
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Q: Is it radioactive?

Asked by Alex on 2020-03-12 01:12:22

Alexy_Skvortzov Don't glow, maybe whit Ultraviolet Led

2021-01-06 11:18:19 Helpful (1)
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Alexy_Skvortzov Mast to be 10000mah? If I'm installing 4 batteries 4000mah each! It's OK if I'm install 16000mah?

hf-seeker 2020-01-05 15:56:53
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Q: Fit to stand scotter that have usb port?

Asked by Alexy_Skvortzov on 2020-12-31 11:13:35

BG401553924 Probably yes. There should be no reason why it should not work.

2020-12-31 01:10:04 Helpful (1)
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