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Vance 250*150cm

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Q: What are the inner dimensions for sleeping?

Asked by petrimikkola on 2020-04-26 04:35:19

Vance About 3.5 square meters. Suitable for 1-4 people.

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petrimikkola 2019-08-25 02:53:47
Came 4 days earlier than expected delivery time wich is nice. Package was very banged up and looks to have gone to many rounds in a fight. No instrucktions came in the box but easy to download a PDF for it. Good drone fot the price. Positives: Easy to get put together. Flew perfectly on first flight (after changeing the broken komponents, antenna and one engine) Negatives: One counter clockwise engine would not start (got to borrow one from friend at track and not to hard to change if you got tools with you) Pagoda antenna was not correctly assembled, tried bush fix to repair but no go, se image, it was poorly assembled from start (had to borrow one to fly) To be able to configure it you will need to go to YouTube for help. The OMNIBUSF4SD V3 flight controller came with firmware 3.1.7 from 2017, very old (now at 4.0.5). The broken parts could have been due to the misshanding of package in shippment. No extra screw-nuts due to two engines are threaded counter clockwise. Conclusion: The drone is awesome, easy to assemble and seems to be of very good quality and once broken parts (engine and antenna) where replaced it flew perfectly. You have to be prepared to learn hos to program the configuration to get all functions up and running. Firmware needs to be updated badly and make sure you get the guide for that so you don't make any misstakes. I'm very happy with my purchase and will probably end up modifying it a bit in the end (new antennas, other props etc.). The box they ship it in is not perfect to keep it safe wich is sad concidering what you pay for it.
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Q: How long to have in stock?

Asked by DjuxTrusTer on 2019-08-15 06:39:18

petrimikkola Took2 weeks to get to Sweden from China.

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